lady finger rolls
mince pork spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce 
(4 pieces9.8

vegetarian lady finger rolls
vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce 
(4 pieces) 8.9

chicken satay
grilled marinated chicken skewers served with peanut sauce (4 pieces) 9.8

fish cakes
spicy traditional fish cakes with a sweet chilli and cucumber condiment sauce 
(4 pieces) 9.9





prawn rolls
marinated prawns wrapped with spring rolls sheet served with chilli sauce 
(4 pieces) 10.9 

mixed entree
chicken satay, curry puff, prawn roll and fish cake 
(4 pieces) 9.9

roti channai with massaman curry
beef mussaman curry served on the side with roti bread 14.9 

calamari rings
crumbed calamari rings served with a cucumber sweet chilli sauce 10.9

steamed pork dim sims (3 pcs) 13.9

roti with peanut sauce 4.9

roasted duck spring rolls
marinated roast duck, mushroom, carrots, vermicelli noodle wrapped with spring rolls sheet and served with chef special sauce 
(3 pieces) 13.9 

coconut crusted king prawns
king prawns covered in a beautiful shaved coconut batter served with tangy plum dip 
(5 pieces) 14.9

money bag

deepfired wantons filled with minces chicken (5 pcs) 8.9 

prawn crackers with peanut sauce 5.9